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Seersucker Suits: Why They're Still A Great Buy

Posted on August 26 2016

The seersucker suit! A classic summer look that makes us think of horse derbies, church mornings, afternoon weddings and everything sunny. 

The seersucker suit is made of a lightweight, puckered fabric designed to keep the body cool. The fabric is weaved uniquely in a way that "puckers", which causes the fabric to be held slightly away from the body, allowing for more air circulation directly on the skin. In other words: less sweat. 

Interestingly enough, seersucker fabric has strong American roots. According to the Senate Historian (link here), the seersucker suit became popular in the early 20th century, especially in the District of Columbia. Seersucker suits were considered a mainstay in every gentlemen's summer wardrobe. As air conditioning in homes became more popular, seersucker's demand lessened.  

We feel the seersucker suit deserves to be defended. Its traditional blue and white color palette is a timeless look, and its puckered fabric never needs to be ironed -- making it an ideal staple purchase for travelers and businessmen on-the-go. It washes easily, and we can't emphasize enough how much of a savior it is during a heat wave. 

Done right, a seersucker suit can look quite debonair. Here's how to wear one in 2016. 

1) Make sure your seersucker suit fits you properly. This is crucial! Because of the comfy material, if the fit is too loose they could look like pajamas. Lucky for you, our seersucker suits are slim fit. 

2) Pair it with a great pair of brown distressed loafers. Dark colored accessories will help keep the ensemble modern and distinguished. 

3) Keep accessories to a minimum. If you pair your suit with visible suspenders and a straw hat, you may look like you're on your way to a costume party. 

Need more convincing? Follow these links to see some familiar faces rocking the seersucker suit with ease:

The FHY INC seersucker two piece slim fit cotton suit is currently available in black, blue, pink and tan at $50 per suit (wholesale price). Details can be found on its product page here


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